We’re getting a new canoe!

We will paddle an average of 40 km per day, for roughly 180 days. That’s a lot of time to spend in a canoe so we want to enjoy it as much as we can! The canoe plays a huge role in the trip because it will influence our speed and our overall comfort.

Therefore, we decided to  go all out and chose a canoe that would meet all of our criteria. Our 4 main points are weight, ruggedness, capacity to hold gear and speed. Making a canoe that excels in all these aspects is quite a feat. Surprisingly, we found one! The  Wilderness 18’ by Souris River. Let me tell you, it’s a beast of a canoe. It’s super fast, has plenty of room for gear and is incredibly rugged for it’s very low weight (46 lbs.). Another cool thing about this canoe is that it’s made of Kevlar, which is quite easy to repair.

Constant and I have paddled several times in another canoe by Souris River, the Quetico 18.5′.  We absolutely fell in love with it. It was super fast, it had a huge capacity and an amazing stability. It is also extremely light for it’s length, which makes it a great canoe all round. The difference between this canoe and the Wilderness, is this one is not quite as fast and a bit more stable.

All to say, we’re both really excited to use this canoe for 6 months and we can’t wait to see it! A video showing it off will definitely be made once we get it!

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