A trip to Montreal


The weekend of the 12th of November was quite a good weekend for us. We had to go to Laval for camp Air-Eau-Bois’s annual end of summer gala. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to the fullest. I had the chance to try out his new reflex camera I bought for the trip and we also went to Montreal to talk to some members of the team Les Chemins de l’Or Bleu. They did a very similar expedition last year, so they are a great resource of information and knowledge for us. With Martin Trahan, the organizer of the team, and Valérie Jolicoeur, the person who took care of the logistics and the preparation of the team’s food, we took our time and asked them many questions, ranging from food prep, food shipment, itinerary details, gear and general tips and tricks. We left Martin’s superb apartment (that has beautiful paddles on the walls) with a good feeling in our chest and many less questions. We are very thankful to them both for all the help they are providing us.

In the pictures, you can see me having fun with my camera in the car coming back and the case that I use to carry the camera. The pictures from now on will be a bit different from the other ones we posted, since I’ll be taking most of them. Hope you enjoy them!

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