Our Canoe has Arrived!

What a joy it is to see that canoe! Shipped by truck from Atikokan, 100 miles West from Thunder Bay, the canoe came in a super sturdy crate. It  took Neal, Pascal’s cratefather, half an hour to unscrew all the screws with his multi-tool (he forgot to bring a drill). In the crate, it was also wrapped in plastic so that it wouldn’t scratch during the shipping. The canoe is a Wilderness 18 from Souris River Canoes. It’s 18 feet long and it only weighs 50 pounds! That’s great for us because it’ll make us go faster on the water and it won’t be too heavy during the many portages we’re going to be doing. It’s made of 5 layers of Kevlar. You can see the pure Kevlar color and we really think it looks great! Here are a few pictures of the boat:


Wilderness 18, a wonderful tripping boat.


Here, you can really see the form and the length of the boat, as well as the “ribs” that give more strenght

Constant and I took it for a test run a few days ago and we absolutely loved the way it handled. Since it’s quite round, it was a bit unstable but it really isn’t something for us to worry about. With all our gear in the canoe, it will be just fine. Here are a few pictures of us trying it out:


We flipped it to see how it handled once in the water. It really caught the current and it wasn’t easy to swim in the current with our drysuits either. We really don’t want to tip during the trip! Hopefully the spray deck we’ll have will help us if ever we do tip. You can really see the ribs here!


Pascal trying it out solo.


Here we are, with the sun shinning through the boat. What an amazing canoe!

We’re waiting to receive our spray deck from NorthWater to go on the water. We really can’t wait to start paddling – in just a few days! See you then!

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