Ottawa/Gatineau to Portage-du-Fort

After resting a couple of days at home in Gatineau, we resumed our journey up the Ottawa river from the Aylmer Marina. Several friends were there to see us off.

Our next challenge was the portage around the hydro dam at Fitzroy Harbor. Fortunately we were helped by Scott and his daughter who loaded our canoe and supplies into their truck which saved us a lot of time and effort.

After Fitzroy Harbour, we had an invitation to stay at Linda Plante’s and Paul Tardif’s home at Lac des chats on the  Ottawa River.  We were treated royally to warm beds, great food, beer, wonderful company and then a yummy breakfast that got us going the next morning.

The weather is still quite variable with rain, wind, sun and sometimes even a little snow!

Mid May Snow

Early May and that is snow on our tent

Frequent rain kept the water high so we found fast water where it is normally calm resulting in more portages than expected.

High water rapids

Snow and high water on a normally calm part of the Ottawa River

The next big dam was at Portage-du-Fort.  Here we were helped by Brenda and Normand who offered us a place to stay, food and portaged our canoe with their truck.

We have been so lucky to meet many kind and generous people thus far on our trip.  We are very grateful for all your help and support.  Many thanks to all of you.

Love my paddle… Cherry wood grain is a thing of beauty…paddle wood grain

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