Pascal continues solo from Blind River

After spending a hectic 5 days reorganizing things and buying equipment such as a one-man tent, a smaller food barrel, a cell phone (yes, he didn’t own one!), topo maps and other odds and sods, Pascal and his parents drove to Blind River on May 28th so Pascal could have an early start the following morning from the Marina in Blind River.  It was also really nice to have his aunt Carolyn and uncle Paul there to send him off on the next leg of his expedition.  The weather was cool and foggy but Pascal spiced it up by playing air guitar on his paddle to a Jimmy Hendrix tune.  He paddled 35 kms with a bit of a tail wind to start but then a cross wind and some rain to finish off the day.  A good start all in all.  His parents are extremely proud of his determination and his up beat and positive attitude.Blind River 3Blind River 2Blind River 1guitar 2air guitar


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