Blind River to Wawa

2017-05-29 to 2017-06-08

The first few days paddling alone on Lake Huron were a challenge.  There were several days of fog and either headwinds or crosswinds which whipped my boat around quite a bit.  I resorted to sitting on my Pelican case in the middle of the boat to maneuver more easily.  This worked fairly well so I got my Mom to order a third seat from Souris River to be delivered to Wawa for when I got there.

When I arrived at Sault Ste. Marie there were no other boats at the locks so the guys working there treated me to a solo pass through the locks.  Not only was it really cool but I didn’t have to do a portage 🙂  Then I made my way up the east coast of Lake Superior which is stunningly beautiful.  The cliffs in Lake Superior Provincial Park are amazing!

Luckily  for me the weather was good for the most part because I had to do a few long bay crossings.  One day there was a super thick fog that came up suddenly forcing me to make a quick run to shore and stop for the day.

June 7th was my longest distance to date,  58.8kms.  I wanted to make it to Naturally Superior Adventures, just south of Wawa, that day because my parents were coming to meet me the next day and I also wanted a bit of a rest. Naturally Superior is a fabulous place right on Lake Superior, offering guided trips in canoes, sea kayaks or Voyageur canoes as well as equipment rentals.  Rock Island Lodge with B&B accomodations is there too. Dave, the owner, organizes all kinds of interesting events and lectures pertaining to all aspects of outdoor life around the Lake.  The food, cooked by chef Judy, is amazing and the staff are all great, friendly and very helpful.

I also met Oz, a shaman who happened to be there giving lectures to the Michipicoten First Nation at the Lodge. Oz gave me a flute he had made.  I showed him a white rock I had found on the beach which I was keeping for good luck.  Later that day he came to me with a similar stone, which he called “thunderbird eggs”. When rubbed together they emit a flash of light – really cool.

Naturally Superior is a great place to hang out for a day or more.  My parents arrived late Thursday and it was so nice to see them. Luckily for me the canoe seat also arrived that day so my parents helped me install it the following morning.


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