Marathon to Grand Portage, Minnesota

It’s Thursday, June 15th and Pascal is itching to get back on the water.  He still has it in his mind to make it to Inuvik before the Mackenzie River  freezes over in late September. So after having another great breakfast at the Oar House Restaurant and finalizing a few posts on his Facebook page, Pascal prepared his gear for the next leg of his journey.  He will now be paddling alone for the rest of the trip which is of some concern to his Mom, Danielle.

Pascal disappeared into the fog from the boat launch in Marathon.  For five days he was in the fog, without cell phone coverage, so he did not get to really appreciate the natural beauty of Neys Provincial Park.  One day he had a bit of a tail-wind so he rigged the sled Carrie gave him up in the front of the boat to use as a sail – it worked quite well.  The first civilisation  he met was on June 20th in Silver Islet at the southern tip of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  Here he was graciously invited to lunch by John and Clara and their 2 sons from Georgia.  They also took him for a paddle in one of the abandoned silver mines which was really cool.  Then he was off again to do the big crossing from the most southern tip of Sleeping Giant to Pie Island for which he had decent weather for a change.  For the next few days he was feeling rather tired so he didn’t push too hard.

His next challenge, though not a physical one, was to figure out the proper way to get in to the United States.  Luckily his parents found the correct telephone number to call the US Border Service from the marina in the town of Grand Portage.  So when Pascal arrived in Grand Portage on June 23rd all went well and he was even taken for a tour of the town by Gunner from Two Harbours, Minnesota.  He rested up for the remaider of the day in preparation for the historic Grand Portage.

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