Pascal Bredinmoi-pis-diner-bines

Hi there! So this is my page… I never would of thought this would ever happen. Crossing
Canada by canoe has been a dream and a goal for me since I have been 14 years old. My parents first took me canoe-camping when I was one. Both my mother and father were camping enthusiasts, so it’s easy to see where I got my passion for the outdoors! Together, we have been to many places to see the beautiful landscape and experience all of the amazing things to do in the wild, from the Canadian Rockies, Joshua Tree National Park, the Adirondack Mountains, the French Alps and many more. This fueled my love for Nature. These experiences allowed me to see different forms of the beautiful Mother Earth that we all live on.

When I was 8 years old, I first went to a summer camp called Camp Air-Eau-Bois, in the Outaouais region. This organization has completely shaped the rest of my life: it is there where I fell in love with canoe-camping. Each summer, I returned to the camp to complete longer and longer expeditions. At the age of 17, I was too old to go to the camp as a moi-derriere-canotparticipant as I had completed many 12 day trips and two 20 day trips. The only logical choice after realizing that was to work there! I became the canoe repairer during my first year of working there. My second summer on the staff team I was a camp counselor, guiding kids from the ages of 7 to 13 on two to three day canoe trips. Last summer, I repaired and managed all the expedition equipment for the Camp Air-Eau-Bois. It is an honor for me to be able to work there and spread my love of living in the wild to as many people as possible! This Autumn, I will finish my Cégep degree. With only a few months left before the start of our trip, I will work one or two months at the CAEB and then it will be full time preparation for the expedition!

Thank you so very much to have read this. I have no words to describe this experience. It brings me to tears just to think about writing this. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible and I thank you to have joined us for this amazing adventure!


3 thoughts on “Pascal

  1. Hi Pascal: I got your message this Friday, so sorry I missed your call.
    It is exciting to see your progress online since April, already quite a huge accomplishment. Our thoughts are with you on this extraordinary canoage. Keep well, keep safe!


  2. Hi Pascal,
    We’ve been following your blog, and you, since you turned around in Kenora. My wife and I are paddling from Rocky Mountain House to Montreal and are around 3 days behind you now. We also have painful shoulders and tired bodies, we know how it feels! Good luck for the rest of your journey. I doubt we will catch up with you, but it would be great to paddle with you if we do. It’s an amazing thing to have done largely solo and hopefully you will make it all the way to Inuvik one day!

    Mike & Cas


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