The Team

The team is made of two young men, both 19 years of age. They have been camping together for more than 9 years now and they decided to push themselves and their love for canoe-camping to new heights. It turns out that they will be the youngest team to paddle across Canada!

Constant and Pascal have first meet in 2009, at the Camp Air-Eau-Bois during a two week camping trip. The following summer, they randomly found themselves in the same group again. Then, the summers from 2011 to 2013, the duo, now become friends, continued to go on expeditions together at Air-Eau-Bois. They also had many other experiences together, went to the French Alps and the Adirondacks, did dozens weekend expeditions and played in the same basketball team for a few years.  However, of all these experiences, it was the year they passed in the same class in secondary 3 that really forged their friendship and it is through this same friendship that our adventurers have developed the taste of the outdoors that drives them to undertake this journey.

They feel fairly confident in their abilities to not only do the trip safely, since they have done many professional-grade course such as the Wilderness First Responder course, the Swiftwater Rescue Technitien course and different caeoing classes, but to strive throught the trip because they both have a passionate love for nature and being as much as possible in the wilderness.

Rivière Rouge - Canyon 069 (2)

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