To Contribute

As you can imagine, a project such as La remontée des sources is quite expensive. Because of this, we are reaching out to you for your help. If you wish to help us out with our expedition in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. If you want to contribute or if you have any questions at all, you can email us at or talk to us on our Facebook page.

If you are a friend, family, an outdoors enthusiast or simply a generous human being who is willing to give us a hand, here are different ways you can contribute to the trip:

  • You can make an online monetary donation in all security via Paypal.
    Donate Button with Credit Cards
  • You can make a monetary donation by mailing a cheque to:
    • Pascal Bredin at 7 Rue de L’Argile, Gatineau, QC, J8Z 3G2
    • Constant La France at 51, rue Le Vasseur, Gatineau, QC, Canada, J8V 2M8.
  • Your advice, expertise and overall support is greatly appreciated as well!
  • Finally, as little as sharing our website and our Facebook page would helps us too!

Sadly, we are not registered as a non-profit organisation so we will not be able to send you official receipts for your donation. Nonetheless, be assured that your help is very, very appreciated and it helps us a lot! For all the donations of more than 20$, we will put your name on the list of supporters, but we will not disclose the amount given.


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